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I’m Speaking at BlogHer16!

I’m speaking at BlogHer for my third time :) Now the world’s largest conference celebrating women in tech, blogging and social media! BlogHer16 is in Los Angeles, on August 4-6. Save 30% on a full conference pass with code SPEAKERFF30 – register today! Hope to see you there!

I'm Speaking at #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles!

Watch My Video!

Last month my video presentation on Google Adsense for went live! I was invited to do a “Take 10”, a 10-minute video presentation on how to set up, use and get the most out of Google Adsense, due to my success with Adsense on It’s called “How to Monetize Your Website With Google Adsense”. Check it out! It’s only $10, and packed with tips on how to make the most money with Adsense you ever thought possible! You’ll leave this session itching to apply your new-found secrets to your website! Then, simply sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in. Are you ready to discover the beauty of passive income—money while you sleep?

Chloe Spencer MarketingProfs Take 10

Published on ProBlogger!

Last year I received the exciting opportunity of writing an article for! My article, “How to Make Your Vlog Post Go Viral”, which goes over the 5 key factors in creating a viral video blog post, was published October 25th! Check it out! ProBlogger is one of the most popular blogging community and resource websites on the Internet, founded and run by genius Darren Rowse. It was an honor to be published on ProBlogger, and I hope bloggers and vloggers everywhere enjoyed my article!


Urgent Message: Put Down Your iPhone

I think it’s really crucial that just about everybody reads this article I wrote for The Huffington Post:

Put Down Your iPhone — Urgent Message

I wrote the article in May this year, but I thought it such an important topic that I’d share it

“I think this is a wake up call, to everybody, that we are losing a lot of normal human interaction, and because everyone does it and we do it all the time, it becomes routine. We forget, that going to see somebody is more heartfelt than a text, or that a real game with your kid is more bonding than watching Spongebob, or that a loving kiss with your partner is more affectionate than a “poke” on Facebook.”

To read on click on the link above to be directed to the published article. And be sure to share it with your friends and family!

Interview on ReelSEO

Last week I was interviewed by Grant Crowell of ReelSEO on how the younger generation today perceive, use and consume online video. The published article can be viewed on the website; How Teens Use YouTube & Social Media: The Online Generation Gap. I mainly talk about how different it is today for teenagers (even though I’m no longer a teen, I am still a Digital Native and a couple years ago WAS a teenager immersed in online technology!) compared to their parents’ generations now with the internet and a plethora of electronic devices and social media becoming more prominent than ever. I also talk about online responsibility and problems that younger people are getting into today with Youtube and how to avoid these issues.

Check it out! Remember to share or like on Facebook and re-tweet! :)

SMOC 2011 in San Francisco

Just last month on May 23rd I was speaking at SMOC (“Social Media Optimization Conference“) in San Francisco, on yet another young entrepreneur panel! The session was called “Teen Entrepreneurs Give the Inside Scoop on Social Media”, flanked by fellow panelists Daniel Brusilovsky, Benjamin Goering, and Shreya Indukuri. It turned out a great crowd, around 300-400 people, and we had lots of questions and not enough time!

There I met some great people that were particularly memorable and inspiring, such as Hyla Molander, author and speaker and overall amazing woman with one of the most inspiring life stories you’ll ever hear, and Evan Bailyn, fellow internet entrepreneur, SEO expert, author, and creator of the Evan Bailyn Foundation.

So overall SMOC was a really great experience, and one I’d definitely do again! Many thanks to Stewart Quealy for having me speak and running the show, as well as moderating our session!

Chloe Spencer Speaking at Social Media Optimization Conference 2011

Moved to LA!

I have officially re-located to Los Angeles now, as of a few days ago! I’m still apartment hunting and in the process of buying a car, etc, but I’ll be settled in no time! It’s very exciting. No more -15 degree weather and snow storms in Wisconsin! I’m in a prime location now, and I love it already!

You may have also noticed the awesome new design for, done by Unique Blog Designs. Thanks again guys!

Writer for

I am happy to announce I recently was invited to become a writer for, the blog maintained by women for women.

I have been assigned every other Tuesday as my days that I post, and have done 3 so far. You can read my posts here: Chloe Spencer’s profile. And you can read my first post which was a guest post here: Why Teens Are Addicted To Facebook.

Featured in ClickZ article

Just recently I was interviewed by Chris Heine from ClickZ for an article on the best digital teen-targeted marketing campaigns. I was asked, along with Brian Wong and Daniel Brusilovsky, what marketing campaign aimed at teens was the best I’d ever seen. I answered with more of a type of a way of reaching teens digitally, and that was by Youtube videos riding on the coattails of other hugely popular videos or ideas. My example was the Double Rainbow Song. Here’s the part of the ClickZ article featuring my opinion:

“Double Rainbow” Songsters Hit the Right Notes

Nineteen-year-old Chloe Spencer has been blogging at her proprietary for five years, and she’s used Google’s AdSense program to monetize the site. What’s more, the Madison, WI-based entrepreneur is in the process of launching two more sites, and

Spencer told ClickZ, “The best type of marketing when you are targeting a teen audience…[it] has to be creative and, of course, original. New, weird, wacky, cool, unique, and memorable stuff is what gets our attention. And if you’re at a loss at how to hit that just right, ride on the coattails of others who’ve done it successfully.”

On that last note, her favorite marketing effort is a true piggybacking hit: The Gregory Brothers’ “Double Rainbow Song” that capitalized on the YouTube sensation, “Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow.” While that video went wildly viral in July and has accrued 14 million YouTube views, the intentionally humorous song has garnered 10 million views on the site.
Even better, “Double Rainbow Song” climbed as high as No. 74 on iTunes top 100 sellers in July. While the volume of purchased downloads hasn’t been made available, downloads of the tune are priced at $1.29 per unit.

“Now [‘Double Rainbow Song’] has been raking in the fame and cash,” Spencer said. “Their idea was funny, creative, catchy, and a take on something else that was popular and everybody knew and loved. This is a perfect example of successful digital teen-targeted marketing.”

Read the rest of the article on ClickZ here: Digital Wunderkinds Discuss the Best Teen-Focused Campaigns.

If you haven’t seen the Double Rainbow Video and then watched the Double Rainbow Song, check it out. It’s stupid but you’ll laugh, guaranteed. My dad particularly thinks it’s hilarious and loves to get it in my head by singing it out of the blue at random times throughout the day. Yeah he’s a weirdo. 😀

BlogPaws 2010

Here I am again at BlogPaws, the pet bloggers conference that started just last year. My dad Stephan Spencer spoke at the last one, and was invited back to speak again along with me to do an SEO session called “Driving Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization”. We spoke today already at 11:15, with Mary Archer doing an informative introduction powerpoint, and we brought up blogs on the big screen and critiqued them. Then we started pulling up blogs from the audience and told them what they needed to do to increase traffic to their blog and what exact tweaks that involved. It was a lot of fun! But of course my dad has a lot of great info and loves to talk (yeah thanks dad) so I didn’t get a lot of words in, but I did get a few chances to give my advice! And hopefully more chances tomorrow (yes I’ll be having a talk with him And we’re doing the same session tomorrow, but switching it up a bit by having new blog examples and new tips for the audience. So don’t forget to come to our session in the Columbia room at 11:15am tomorrow, if you didn’t today or did and didn’t get a chance to have your blog critiqued, and get told by the experts how exactly you need to change your blog to get the traffic you really want!

I'm speaking at BlogPaws 2010 WEST badge

P.S. So many cute dogs here, just had to add! And a ton of free pet products. Definitely pet blogger heaven. If you’re a pet blogger make sure you check out BlogPaws 2011. …I suppose I apply, as a VIRTUAL pet blogger :) (my site is for those who don’t know).