Learn how to rank high in Google, skyrocket your traffic,
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SEO Mastery Academy is an SEO and online marketing coaching
program for entrepreneurs who want to learn the ins and outs, tips, tricks, strategies, tools and techniques to skyrocket their SEO, boost their Google rankings, traffic, leads and sales — without paying for ads, useless courses or spending hundreds of hours and trial-and-error trying to learn it on their own.

  • Weekly 1-hour LIVE screen-sharing training sessions
  • Learn in an interactive online classroom environment
  • Actual implementation and putting learnings into action
  • Learn how to use cutting-edge SEO tools in real-time
  • Get hands-on help and expert guidance every step of the way



Chloe Spencer is an SEO and online marketing expert, nationwide professional speaker and the founder of Moxie Global, renowned for her young start in the SEO industry 18 years ago. Chloe learned the ins and outs of SEO and skyrocketed her first online business to the most popular website in her niche on the Internet, monetizing her top-of-page-one Google rankings and tens-of-thousands of daily pageviews into a successful passive income stream by just age 14.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise in SEO and growing a global brand, Chloe founded Moxie Global, an SEO and online marketing agency that specializes in helping clients around the world improve their online presence, traffic, rankings, PR and their sales.

Chloe has been featured on MSNBC, ABC, NBC News, American Express, 9 News, and has presented at dozens of conferences around the nation, including the world’s largest conference for women in tech 4 times.


HOW IT Works

Live Video

Training sessions are conducted live weekly in an online classroom-based environment, where you will see Chloe’s computer screen and be able to interact with her live. Each session will provide hands-on, strategic, cutting-edge SEO coaching and on-the-spot implementing.

Access to

All training sessions are recorded, and if you are a Pro or VIP member you will receive the recordings of every call. So if you ever have to miss a session, for any reason, no need to worry, you will still receive the recording of the call you missed! And if you are a VIP member, you have access to Chloe via email to help you implement the learnings.

Templates &
Cheat Sheets

All Pro and VIP members will receive deliverables such as cheat sheets, templates and more with their membership. For example, as a part of our title tag workshop — which are critical SEO optimizations — you will receive The Killer Title Tag Template with example formulas to help you write expert title tags to boost your rankings.


SEO Mastery Academy memberships are on a month-to-month basis, so the length of time you are a member of the Academy for is completely up to you. However, at least 2-3 months is recommended — SEO takes time and there’s a lot to learn! The longer you coach for, the more results you will achieve.


SEO Mastery Academy is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to skyrocket their SEO, without paying for help from a questionable source, unsuccessful ads or attempted self-education and painstaking trial-and-error. Especially those who:

  • Are SEO newbies or beginners who want to learn how to boost their SEO step-by-step with hands-on guidance
  • Want to learn what tips, tools, strategies and techniques will get them real results
  • Have the time and dedication to attend and participate in training sessions
  • Are motivated to work on recommendations between sessions


SEO Mastery Academy is for those who want to DIY their SEO — it’s an online classroom environment with workshop-style teaching — so it’s not for everyone! Such as:

  • Medium to large businesses who don’t have someone to do the implementation (instead consider done-for-you SEO)
  • Those who want or need 1-on-1 attention and highly personalized help (consider 1-on-1 coaching)
  • Those who are too busy to attend calls regularly or work on recommendations
  • Those who want a ‘magic pill’ via ‘black hat tactics’ — everything we do is within Google’s guidelines, we do not do anything that will just end up getting you penalized!


“When Chloe evaluated my site she pointed out mistakes I didn’t even know I was making! I’ve been working with Chloe for less than 2 months, and keep in mind SEO takes a while to show results, but ever since I’ve been working with her my Google traffic has already increased by 20%.”

Nina Garcia


“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chloe and highly recommend her to anyone looking to understand and increase SEO on their website. She is so personable, patient, and knowledgeable. Her advice opened my eyes to simple steps I can take to increase my blog’s audience. I already see an increase in views from the search engines. She has an extremely friendly and upbeat demeanor that made me feel comfortable to ask all of my questions–even the dumb ones! Thanks Chloe!”

Sandi Schwartz


“Before I started working with Chloe I had the most basic understanding of SEO. After working with her I have a clear step-by-step strategy for managing my SEO on a day-to-day and weekly basis. Thanks to her work I’ve been able to boost the SEO on old posts, going with having one post ranked on Google to having several. I’m a one-woman show and managing this on my own needed to be something I could easily add into my systems and schedule, and thanks to the tools and steps Chloe showed me it has really upped my SEO game, improved my rankings and my trust factor with Google.

Kait Scalisi

MPH and Founder,

“Chloe is so knowledgable about SEO. She made me feel like she genuinely wants the best for for me and my business. That kind of support is rare. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Chloe! You will not go wrong in hiring this intelligent lady to help you with SEO optimization. I am thankful for her time and her support of me and my blog!”

Vanessa Wood

Founder, Green Acres Meets Paris

“Chloe Spencer is the real deal!! I was introduced to Chloe during an industry conference panel session. After the session I followed up for SEO training. During our time together, she gave me a TON of actionable advice, and I found Chloe to be patient, knowledgeable and understanding of my specific needs. She is an SEO Rockstar!! Spending time with Chloe also gave me such a better understanding of the SEO world. Thanks Chloe!!”

Jenelle Daniels

Founder, Efficacy Plus Online Marketing

“Working with Chloe has been an absolute pleasure. She’s friendly and makes what can be a complicated topic easy to understand and digest. Chloe genuinely wants her clients to succeed and doesn’t just give textbook advice. All of the tools and techniques are those she has used and found success with. After working with Chloe my website looks much better and my visitors have increased. If you are in need of guidance on how to build or increase your web presence through SEO, Chloe is one of the best to go to.

Asa Todd

Founder, Makeup and Mania


Do keyword research like a pro

You will learn how to discover the top keywords you need to target using the best keyword research tools in the industry, which keywords not to target, and exactly how to target them on your site.

Improve your rankings with expert title tags

Title tags are one of the most important factors of your on-page SEO; and it’s crucial they are written skillfully in accordance with current best practices. You will learn step-by-step how to write expertly optimized title tags, and, you will receive the “Killer Title Tag Template”.

Maximize your leads and conversions

Learn step-by-step how to create a high-performing lead magnet, what tools to use, where to place it on your site, and how to split test strategies to get the most leads and conversions possible.

Link building 101

Google ranks sites with authority — which means, you need trusted sites linking to you. Link building is arguably the most important part of SEO; and it is also the most misimplemented task in all of online marketing. We will demystify the art and science of link building, and you will learn exactly how to build high-quality links to boost your rankings.

SEO myth-busting

If you research SEO on your own, you will be misguided by a plethora of false and outdated information that not only can waste your time and energy on doing the wrong things, but actually hurt your SEO and your rankings. You will learn the top SEO myths to be aware of and get ahead of 95% of the population!

JOIN THE Academy




  • Access to 4 group coaching
    calls each month
  • Month-to-month flexibility
  • Recordings of every call
  • Access to cheat sheets
    & templates
  • Email support between calls*
  • Monthly bonus call for VIPs**




  • Access to 4 group coaching calls each month
  • Month-to-month flexibility
  • Recordings of every call
  • Access to cheat sheets
    & templates




  • Access to 4 group coaching calls each month
  • Month-to-month flexibility

* A VIP membership grants you personalized email communication access with Chloe between coaching calls. Have a burning question? Want her to look over your new landing page or title tags? Want help with an urgent issue? Shoot Chloe an email whenever you need her and she will help you out!

** VIPs also receive access to a monthly 30-minute BONUS CALL in addition to the 4 group training sessions — which means not only more coaching, implementation and faster results, but in a much smaller group as it is for VIPs only and much more personalized attention to fast-track your SEO success.


Schedule a free strategy session with Chloe to discuss your website, your needs
and your goals, and which path is best for you and your business.




Have more questions?
Get in touch!

What happens immediately after I join the Academy?

The next coaching group will be launching soon! Immediately upon joining and reserving your spot, you will receive an email with all the details, including a survey where you will get to have a say in what days and times work best for you for our weekly coaching calls!

When are the weekly coaching calls held?

Once intake for each group has ended, a day and time for your group’s weekly coaching call will be chosen based on the availability surveys of each member. If you have extremely limited availability however, consider 1-on-1 coaching instead.

Can I interact with you and others on calls?

Coaching calls are conducted in an online classroom-based environment, in which you will see my live computer screen and be able to interact via voice and chat messaging. You can ask questions, we will do activities in which everyone will get feedback, etc. The Academy provides hands-on, strategic and tactical SEO coaching and on-the-spot implementing and feedback!

What happens if I miss a call?

All coaching calls are recorded (as videos that are accessible via an online link), and all Pro and VIP members will receive the recording links of every call. So if you ever have to miss a call for any reason, no need to worry — you will still receive the recording of the call you missed!

How long do you recommend I coach with you for?

SEO Mastery coaching memberships are on a month-to-month basis, so the length of time you coach for is completely up to you. However, I highly recommend continuing SEO Mastery coaching for at least 2-3 months if you want to see an excellent ROI — SEO takes time and there is a lot to learn! The longer you coach for, the more you will learn and the more results you will achieve.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership at any time, please provide written notice prior to 14 days before your next payment is due and your membership will not renew. You will still receive all of the remaining calls you paid for!

What are my payment method options?

All major debit and credit cards are accepted, as well as Paypal.