Testimonials and Praise

"I first met Chloe Spencer when her father, SEO expert Stephan Spencer, brought her to one of my events. At that time Chloe was a young entrepreneur who was blogging about her passion making very good money with it by ranking high for keywords around the niche. While her father coached her into learning the Art Of SEO (He wrote the best selling book after all), Chloe started to grow out on her own and today she is considered one of most sought after SEO consultants in the industry."

-Jeremy "ShoeMoney" Schoemaker
Founder and President, ShoeMoney.com
"Chloe Spencer has been incredibly helpful in providing SEO and keyword strategy advice. She really listened to our goals and provided creative and successful initiatives. Thank you for the incredible personalized service Chloe!"

-Cathy Chapman
President, Lunette North America
"When Chloe evaluated my site she pointed out mistakes I didn't even know I was making! I've been working with Chloe for less than 2 months, and keep in mind SEO takes a while to show results, but ever since I've been working with her my Google traffic has already increased by 20%."

-Nina Garcia
Founder, SleepingShouldBeEasy.com
"Before I started working with Chloe I had the most basic understanding of SEO. After working with Chloe I have a clear step-by-step strategy for managing my SEO on a day-to-day and weekly basis. Thanks to her work I've been able to boost the SEO on old posts, going with having one post ranked on Google to having several. I'm a one-woman show and managing this on my own needed to be something I could easily add into my systems and schedule, and thanks to the tools and steps Chloe showed me it has really upped my SEO game, improved my rankings and my trust factor with Google."

-Kait Scalisi
MPH and Founder, PassionbyKait.com
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Chloe and highly recommend her to anyone looking to understand and increase SEO on their website. She is so personable, patient, and knowledgeable. Her advice opened my eyes to some simple steps I can take to increase my blog's audience. I already see an increase in views from the search engines. She has an extremely friendly and upbeat demeanor that made me feel comfortable to ask all of my questions--even the dumb ones! Thanks Chloe!"

-Sandi Schwartz
Founder, HappyScienceMom.com
"Chloe is so knowledgable about SEO. She made me feel like she genuinely wants the best for for me and my business. That kind of support is rare. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Chloe! You will not go wrong in hiring this intelligent lady to help you with SEO optimization. I am thankful for her time and her support of me and my blog!"

-Vanessa Wood
Founder, Green Acres Meets Paris
"Working with Chloe has been an absolute pleasure. She's friendly and makes what can be a complicated topic easy to understand and digest. Chloe genuinely wants her clients to succeed and doesn't just give textbook advice. All of the tools and techniques are those she has used and found success with. After working with Chloe my website looks much better and my visitors have increased. If you are in need of guidance on how to build or increase your web presence through SEO, Chloe is one of the best to go to."

-Asa Todd
Founder, Makeup and Mania
"I want to say thank you to Chloe Spencer and her services! I highly recommend her and I hope you use her, she's a fantastic, sweet person, she's not afraid to answer ANY question, and she breaks down everything for you very easily!"

-Samantha Sumampong
Founder, RantsofanOcdGirl.com
"Chloe Spencer is the real deal!! I was introduced to Chloe during an industry conference panel session. After the session I followed up for SEO training. During our time together, she gave me a TON of actionable advice, and I found Chloe to be patient, knowledgeable and understanding of my specific needs. She is an SEO Rockstar!! Spending time with Chloe also gave me such a better understanding of the SEO world. Thanks Chloe!!"

-Jenelle Daniels
Founder, Efficacy Plus Online Marketing