Standing Room Only at My Presentation at BlogHer17

I’m Speaking at BlogHer17
May 15, 2017

Standing Room Only at My Presentation at BlogHer17

Last month I spoke at BlogHer17 in Orlando–my 4th time speaking at BlogHer (the nation’s largest conference celebrating women in tech) since I was just 16 years old.

I co-presented with world-renowned SEO expert Stephan Spencer, my father, at our session “SEO: Conquering Search Engine Algorithms”. The room was PACKED! There was a couple hundred in there and at least 50 in the doorways trying to get in! Standing room only! It was great. Our session was one of the top 2 most popular and most raved-about breakout sessions at the conference–it’s always so awesome to get this kind of feedback, it really warms my heart! I offered a free SEO strategy session to the attendees in the audience at the end of my presentation, and within 48 hours my schedule was completely booked up for the next 2 months straight. Whoops! That’ll learn ya, HA. But I’m of course very excited to help everybody out and get them on the right track to achieving SEO success 🙂

While I was at BlogHer17, I also got interviewed on MSNBC “Your Business”, as well as eBay. A lot of fun!



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