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August 19, 2010
Featured in ClickZ article
September 10, 2010

BlogPaws 2010

Here I am again at BlogPaws, the pet bloggers conference that started just last year. My dad Stephan Spencer spoke at the last one, and was invited back to speak again along with me to do an SEO session called “Driving Traffic Through Search Engine Optimization”. We spoke today already at 11:15, with Mary Archer doing an informative introduction powerpoint, and we brought up blogs on the big screen and critiqued them. Then we started pulling up blogs from the audience and told them what they needed to do to increase traffic to their blog and what exact tweaks that involved. It was a lot of fun! And we’re doing the same session tomorrow, but switching it up a bit by having new blog examples and new tips for the audience. So don’t forget to come to our session in the Columbia room at 11:15am tomorrow, if you didn’t today or did and didn’t get a chance to have your blog critiqued, and get told by the experts how exactly you need to change your blog to get the traffic you really want!

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P.S. So many cute dogs here, just had to add! And a ton of free pet products. Definitely pet blogger heaven. If you’re a pet blogger make sure you check out BlogPaws 2011. …I suppose I apply, as a VIRTUAL pet blogger 🙂 (my site is NeopetsFanatic.com for those who don’t know).


  1. Dog Lover Girl says:

    You did a great job today! Great info, super duper helpful.

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